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As some of you may have noticed, the calendar may show October 27th twice on some timezones.
This bug is there because of daylight savings, but there's a fix for it! : ) 
(Needless to say, that fix will be in the next version.)
michel v @ 00:12:26 341
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ste - email - url
just testing... b2 is very nice
27.10.02 @ 05:59:13 624


Alex - email - url
aH... That explains it . I knew it was fine whaen I looked at it last week, but all of a sudden it's out by a day. ..wtf?!. cool.
29.10.02 @ 01:26:12 434


amadhea - url
terus terang gue sebel banget sama elo karena email gue enggak pernah dibales. kok elo sombong banget sih? makanya, gue nggak mau pake cafelog. gue mendingan pilih pmachine aja deh. makanya, jadi programer itu jangan sombong. payah loe..!
29.10.02 @ 04:30:02 562


Mathieu - email - url
Thought it was an easter egg for someone's birthday : )  I keep th bug, it's cute : D 
30.10.02 @ 13:48:51 950


Jim - email - url
Is it possible the "fix" kept my displayed calendar from rolling over to November this morning? I'm in the U.S. Eastern time zone.
01.11.02 @ 14:06:31 962


roberto - email - url
essa gata com o piercing é um TEZÃO !!!
27.12.02 @ 06:54:35 662


Lissa - email - url
Today is my first day with you and B2, I have uploaded my archives and I have just tried to post an entry it is Tuesday heae and Monday is showing How do change the date and time ????
18.02.03 @ 05:08:44 589


Brittney - email - url
lol, october 27th.. that's my birthday! I get a birthday twice. No need for me to fix that bug! O: ) 
20.02.03 @ 05:34:25 607


Detlef - email - url
thanks for this nice piece of software!
09.07.04 @ 21:46:01 240


J - url
yes it rocks!
17.07.04 @ 00:36:54 358


Davidek - email - url
very good
19.07.04 @ 19:56:29 164


Joan - url
Hello, I'd like to know if we can have static search engine friendly urls created in B2. I hope this works well.. but I need to know if it really works well... please let me know.. I'll get back to this thread soon. Thanks.
08.09.04 @ 12:06:20 837


Carolyn - url
I want to know the same too...

08.09.04 @ 12:08:13 839


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