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While all browsers support Last-Modified and ETag headers properly, MSIE seems not, it wouldn't let you refresh a page generated by b2 0.6.1. And that sucks, I know.
Here is the fix: clickie!
(This fix will be included in the releases asap.)
michel v @ 20:33:14 231
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Mister44 - email - url
umm actually haven't had any problems with that. IE6SP1 What's the test case?
07.11.02 @ 07:56:07 705


Libra - email - url
We have. :p
07.11.02 @ 08:25:32 726


Shanestyle - email - url
Thank you! I was trying everything last night to figure out why the page would not refresh! I had to clear my cache everytime I made a change. Now I know it's not me =-). Thanks for the fix.
07.11.02 @ 18:30:44 146


simone - email - url
it works for me without the patch (the page refreshes and change if modified) , I'm using Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98; .NET CLR 1.0.3705)
08.11.02 @ 13:34:35 940


Drinyth - email
Works for me too without the patch (IE6SP1). Strange.
10.11.02 @ 15:23:04 016


Ma2T - email - url
Just got a new server, so im going to install b2 on to that now, has the latest release now got this fix included?
Many Thanx
29.11.02 @ 20:08:08 213


Saki - email - url
uh i'm not sure how to ask this but if you lost the pass for the admin how can u retrieve it? or can u? thanks for any inconvience in advance.
02.12.02 @ 00:30:34 396


Adam - email - url
Saki: Look in the b2users table of the MySQL database
08.12.02 @ 04:53:43 578


Euan - url
This looks like a neat little script - will give it a good testing!
12.12.02 @ 23:16:10 344


dPhilc - email - url
Merry Xmas
25.12.02 @ 02:26:19 476


I have not tried the patch, but thanks it! I will give it a run...because I have been having that problem too.
25.12.02 @ 09:02:03 751


and yes, merry christmas!
25.12.02 @ 09:02:44 751


Koku - url
I tried the patch, and it WORKED! Thanks for it! Merry Christmas!! : ) 
25.12.02 @ 22:41:48 320


SomeGuyInLA - email
I downloaded, installed and I love it!
But one thing bugs me, just anyone can post comments - even if they enter bogus information into the fields? I'd like them to register so I can at least know who they are and have some control other than just delete their comment...

Am I missing something? Or is this not in b2?
05.01.03 @ 09:45:58 781


Jeroen - url
works perfect now... thanx
10.01.03 @ 16:05:38 045


Is there a new version due out anytime soon?
Also, the forum signup seems not to be working properly.
14.01.03 @ 00:40:37 403


JankoM - email - url
I like using your b2, but this was almost te only thing that bugged me.. thanks for solving this..
16.01.03 @ 12:38:21 901


Joshua - email - url
You can edit your configure.php file to require people to register to be able to post comments.
20.01.03 @ 01:48:30 450


michael heraghty - url
excellent news. thanks for fixing that!
03.02.03 @ 23:21:49 348


Raven - email - url
Fix worked for me, I had to explicitly refresh with ctrl-f5 before. Thanks alot for the help!
04.02.03 @ 07:40:14 694


scott - email - url
if your browser is configured to check for a new version of a page every time it is loaded, you will not experience the refresh bug. the default ie settings cause problems, though.

just to clear the mystery.
05.02.03 @ 05:49:56 618


Diana - url
w00t b2 r0xmahs0xks thats why I have to install it and get rid of gm l0l
10.02.03 @ 23:55:18 371


trythis - email - url
Put this BEFORE the tag.

18.02.03 @ 16:23:31 057


trythis - email - url
oops ; - )  i posted it as php code and it runs ; - )  maybe you should fix that problem. Anyway, here I go again.

put this BEFORE the tag



Hopefully it should be seen now.
18.02.03 @ 16:26:14 059


trythis - email - url
Nope arrgh ; - )  I try one last time.

18.02.03 @ 16:27:28 060


trythis - email - url
and again:

18.02.03 @ 16:28:52 061


trythis - email - url
I give up, Michel. Have a look in the database and pull the code out from there. You really should have support for code tags. You can't have it like this, this is a terrible security risk.
18.02.03 @ 16:29:56 062


hahah, umm yea.
22.02.03 @ 05:20:55 597


kae - email - url
how does b2 exactly work? i heard it is quite confusing..but i really want to use it, does it come with a tutorial after you download it?
04.03.03 @ 19:24:41 183


gengar56 - email - url
It strips the tags out, so it isn't a "terrible security risk", trythis.

Anyway, b2 is amazing! I'm very impressed.

The latest download as of yesterday doesn't have this fix. It's easy to apply, though.

See my b2 blog at http://elliotl.tk

Will it let me do this?
Elliot Lee
07.03.03 @ 07:01:29 667


jadz - email - url
The curren't release still doesn't have this fix (at least from the mirror that I used). It is kind of a pain to make everyone that downloads and installes B2 to update this rather then you just fixing it in the source.......
13.03.03 @ 15:55:53 038


Cathy - email - url
Yeah right
17.03.03 @ 04:42:25 571


me - email
: )  I am starting to love this
18.03.03 @ 12:44:50 906


Gauthier - email - url
There is a Super refresh for MSIE if you hold the Ctrl key while pushing the refresh button, For those of you who didnt know, its not a commonly known thing.
21.04.03 @ 19:02:11 126


michel v - email - url
To trythis:
Actually, PHP code is not executed at any moment, and it's not saved in the database at all. So, no security issue on that end. I actually explained a long time ago that there wouldn't be support for PHP instructions in posts and comments.
23.05.03 @ 03:00:19 458


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