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Things have been so busy that I almost forgot to mention that a new version of WordPress is available. Upgrading to WordPress from b2 is easy and in addition to all of the great things in the latest release there are plenty of other features already. Development is very active and the first beta of our next release should be available within a week or so.

Download WordPress from Sourceforge.
matt @ 17:43:06 071
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billy - email - url
if i were to switch to word press would all the hacks i installed in my b2 still work?
19.10.03 @ 08:52:10 702


Damita - url
Wordpress is it any good? agree with billy ^*^
19.10.03 @ 13:25:34 892


does it have the custom field hack? and what about private entries? If it has these two I am moving : ) 
19.10.03 @ 21:18:02 220


Shimmer, I believe the private entries are working (as well as private comments).
Custom fields? I'm not too sure.
20.10.03 @ 07:08:37 630


mesatron - email - url
Word press is well worth the update. I've been using it for several months now, and it's very nice.. I perfer it over the original b2 by far.

Many of your old hacks might work, while others will require new ones... however there are alot of hacks already avaible for wp, so it shouldnt be too much of an issue.

Going to wp is basically just a matter of "upgrading" b2.
21.10.03 @ 05:54:24 579


If it wasn't for that I don't like the layout on the admin page, I'd upgrade.. BLAH *hugs b2
23.10.03 @ 17:20:49 056


Jen - url
Yaya! But couldn't you put in a LJ update thing in there too.
24.10.03 @ 15:12:58 967


sushubh - email - url
Yey, its abt time that B2 mentions abt WP. I was waiting for this update for so long. good i found someone on the forums who pointed me to WP. WP rockz...
28.10.03 @ 23:50:11 368


Rantor - email - url
Cine: you can always hack up a new template for the admin page. Maybe even use the b2 template, *after* you add all the features that b2 doesn't have.

Me, I'm liking WP a lot.
01.11.03 @ 17:52:08 119


matt - email - url
we're seriously considering using something like this, although it is a commitment! thanks for all the helpful information!
11.11.03 @ 08:36:52 733


Jeremy - email - url
Wordpress is the evolution of b2, and it's much better. : ) 
08.12.03 @ 23:04:38 336


Is this available for industrial manufacturers on www.iamastupidspammer.com to use?
29.02.04 @ 23:47:54 366


Matt - url
There is an LJ update plugin.
30.05.04 @ 22:00:46 250


diane schiller - email - url
word press it's much better than b2
it has some limits though : ) 
03.07.04 @ 20:10:33 173


Detlef - email - url
no, b2 rules
09.07.04 @ 21:49:18 242


Jo - url
you're right
17.07.04 @ 00:37:33 359


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