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I just wanted to let everyone know that the latest and greatest WordPress is now out. WordPress 1.0.1 takes all the amazing features of 1.0 (including real search-engine friendly permalinks, multiple categories, trackback on edit, comment moderation, and more) and fixes all the bugs and makes it faster.

If you're feeling adventurous the nightly builds of version 1.1 has sub-categories and a few other improvements underway.

matt @ 05:03:36 585
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Steve - email - url
Sounds like an update one shouldn't miss...
29.01.04 @ 11:35:17 857


hazel - url
wow.. great features..
29.01.04 @ 14:21:40 973


vitiron - url
I am just curious. Do I need to drop/remove all the b2 tables in database before upgrading from b2?
05.02.04 @ 22:56:30 330


michel v - email - url
vitiron, don't do that! WordPress's readme explains how you can upgrade from b2! : ) 
06.02.04 @ 02:56:24 497


it looks cool! : ) 
07.02.04 @ 10:14:15 801


Gom - email
Going to get the latest WordPress.
08.02.04 @ 01:28:23 436


Dirk - url
How "compatible" are WordPress and MT from their DB structure?
08.02.04 @ 15:59:19 041


question: can i use my current index.php in conjunction with the new wordpress?
13.02.04 @ 15:22:06 015


lYN - email - url
Blogs are like people, "they come in all shapes and sizes. (ck out www.dearraed.blogspot.com/2003_03_01_dear_raed_archive.html (Where is read)??? "do you like this type?
sin; AKA, Lyn
15.02.04 @ 23:37:39 359


Tim - email - url
New wordpress is not working ... not sure what's wrong.
16.02.04 @ 11:54:34 871


Mo - email
awesome dude!
peace out!
17.02.04 @ 16:32:21 064


rampy - email - url
forgive the obvious question:

What is the relationship/difference between b2 and wordpress ? I'm confused...


17.02.04 @ 20:16:08 219


george - url
I like both b2 and WordPress. I used b2 before, and now some of my friends use b2. b2 is more simple, more customisable, so if you want minimalistic blog, probably u can choose b2. Also there are many hacks for it.

Though, you CAN upgrade from b2 to wordpress without losing any data. I described here the correct way (it is also written very good in the wordpress readme.html included):
18.02.04 @ 07:12:51 675


Neil Groom - email
Wow. Just installed B2 and now this upgrade comes out. Excellent.
21.02.04 @ 00:17:35 387


fmxSTECKEL - email - url
So is B2 dead and the only upgrades to come out going to be in form of wordpress?
21.02.04 @ 02:44:30 489


Matt - email - url
21.02.04 @ 02:47:01 490


tammy - email - url
the newest b2 version seems to be bugged?
24.02.04 @ 20:56:16 247


Madison - email
I have two computers: one is a tower, and one is a laptop. I am signed in to my b2 blog on my tower, but sometimes my tower is attacked with a virus or freezes, and I have to use my laptop in order to go online. When I try to sign in on my laptop, it doesn't work. It doesn't give me a reason for why it won't work, either. Is it because of some settings on my laptop? Or is it because I'm allready signed in on my other computer, and I am not allowed to sign in twice during the same time?
25.02.04 @ 18:35:46 149


Machi - email - url
In my templates page, something apears at the bottom of the edit frame. it says: (you cannot update that file/ template: must make it writable, e.g. CHMOD 766). What does that mean?
28.02.04 @ 03:02:27 501


Matt - email - url
Why don't you ask that on the support forums instead?
29.02.04 @ 02:20:00 472


andrea merker - email - url
What do I need wordpress or b2?
11.03.04 @ 12:27:48 894


gave up on b2 a loooong time ago. The Blogger-to-WordPress tool broke everything. Asked for help and got no reply. I am sure this willbe deleted, but try pMachine if you want a really good php-based blog app.
12.03.04 @ 15:46:38 032


Sorry, but why did you use blogger-to-wordpress and not b2-to-wordpress if your blog was b2?
No wonder it broke...
@andrea: depends. b2 isn't developped any longer, but still works. wp is the successor and has new features (though you won't need all of them). See wordpress.org for more info.
13.03.04 @ 10:57:46 831


Rob - url
I upgraded to Wordpress and love it! Keep up the good work.
14.03.04 @ 00:07:03 379


nova - email - url
So B2 is no more? and if i upgrade what happens to the existing data?
15.03.04 @ 09:37:25 775


Stan - email
word press with the themes that are available on the wordpress forum absolutely rocks!!
20.05.04 @ 11:41:15 820


angelwings01 - email
you sure did a great job!
12.06.04 @ 06:17:03 595


LC - email - url
Nice blog! I ;ike the design of the block for comments to the left...the head picture is great!
28.06.04 @ 01:47:22 407


Marcus - url
b2 a new version?
06.07.04 @ 13:44:51 906



16.07.04 @ 22:16:12 261


LC - email - url
Oops! I meant to say "I like" your blog design. Can't type worth a crap!
18.07.04 @ 15:05:44 962


Dustin - email - url
What makes a blog different from a message board or are they the same thing? Just wondering.
18.08.04 @ 05:25:47 559


foo - url
just a test
19.08.04 @ 15:25:58 976


My commenta bout this
18.09.04 @ 18:24:34 100


Hekker - url
This is a test / dit is een test
08.11.04 @ 20:44:08 238


adfa - email
25.11.04 @ 15:40:13 027


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